Passion Equals Success

I recently attended an alumni event at a local technical college location.  Following the keynote speaker, they allowed current students and graduates submit questions to a panel of professionals (many of which were former grads, working in their field of study).  One of the questions which was asked related to compensation, and implied that the high cost of schooling was not justified by the pay one should expect upon obtaining a position, post graduation.  One of the panel speakers stated, (in summary) one should not go to school, and target a career area, simply to make more money; instead, find something you’re passionate about, give it your all, and the rest will follow.

This is something I personally identify with, given my schooling/career path.  I too attended a technical school, and upon completion (after many phone calls and resume’s being sent by snail mail) found myself being offered a part time position, at a low hourly wage.  I didn’t second guess it, and accepted on the spot.  I knew it was what I wanted, because I was passionate about my craft.  I also knew I could earn more money in time, and soon found myself doing just that.  I did all I could within the work environment, offering myself to work in any area in which my manager would allow me to lend a hand. Within less than a year, I was a full time salaried employee and had been given some great responsibilities.

I am not someone who is unrealistic, however.  I realize not everyone can just leap at a low paying job, as they may have personal responsibilities which require them to work a job which pays better, even if it is not their “passion”.  Nonetheless, if you truly love the craft in which you trained for, find a way to keep a foot in the door to keep yourself sharp.  Doing something even one day a week, after hours or on weekends, can be a great way to hone your skills, and begin networking in the industry in which you’d like to work full time some day.

In my current profession, I am lucky to see this happen quite frequently, and I love helping people work in a field they love.  Many times I have watched people who have faith in themselves and put in the extra effort, to later find themselves right where they always wanted to be.  As a recruiter, it’s a true joy of mine to be a part of that process, and it’s always easier to partner with someone who is passionate about their craft, because they don’t view a job as “work”, but as an opportunity to do what they love.

Keep this in mind during your school or job search.  Do it for you, and not for money or to impress someone else.  If you feel a passion for the work, wear it on your sleeve, so everyone can see it.  You should not only give it your all, but be sure to follow your heart, and listen closely to those who have walked the path before you, as their knowledge can help guide the way. If you do that, I have no doubt that you’ll find a wonderful road to success and happiness.

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