Love What You Do

A Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership podcast with Jack Welch has sparked a blog post today.  As I listen to the wealth of knowledge, decades of experience that is being shared, I am inspired and a bit concerned.  Jack shared a statistic that around 65% of our workforce is actively disengaged from their employer.  Often in our society we are asked the question “what do you do?”  The majority will share their elevator pitch that has been rehearsed, refined (based on the audience) and shares insight into their world.    Unfortunately, this is typically paired with a conventional sigh of relief that you uttered your speech well enough.

As an Entrepreneur, it takes a different mindset.  The truth of the matter is that you need to have a burning desire inside of you to serve.  Sharing your message and story with the world to help them, servicing them in their struggle they are experiencing as a business owner or leader.  How are you moving the needle?  Do you have such a good idea or concept, your wife or significant other is tired of hearing about it?  Do you dream about it?  If you look at the most successful Entrepreneurs, all they have done is scratched that itch usually more than once because in success once you taste it and surround yourself with it, you become it. 

I enjoyed Jack’s perspective on how companies “dabble.”  If it is not in your reach and immediate wheelhouse, it is ok to say no.  What is your return on “dabbling” compared to a laser focus on your targeted, (typically most profitable) clients?  The customers who are in alignment with what you are doing you rely on one another as thought leaders in your respective space.  “Dabbling” looks phenomenal because as Entrepreneurs we are more risk adverse and only see the upside.  “Dabbling” can start with some basic questions or thoughts such as “I could significantly increase my revenue here,” or “What is the benefit of doubling your revenue if you quadruple your cost into a new unknown area?”

The most important concept to grasp is the area of destiny to truly “Love What You Do.”  He mentioned the concept is one that “intersects what you are uniquely good at and what you love to do.”  Can you wake up each morning with positivity, looking forward to the day of service of your customers and team members?  Each day has its challenges, but you should reframe them as opportunities.  These are opportunities to once again overcome all obstacles, as you are defining who you are and what you are made of.

There are just a few other highlights to take away.  Truth, Trust and Transparency are not just building blocks for your business, but fabric you should have woven into your work, family life, and socially.  With truth and transparency, you build trust.  Without one, you do not have the other.  Create an environment that is trusted and fun to grow within.  Too often companies run their business on fear instead of trusting the people they have selected to run the operation.  Fear festers and becomes like an infectious disease that will eventually eradicate your organism (company).

You only live once, and you have one shot to leave a lasting legacy to your children’s, children, children.  Each day is your chance to swing for the fences.  Your strikeouts will only make you have a stronger batting average as you grow.  Fail fast and execute flawlessly.


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