Lipstick and mustaches, are your core values more than skin deep?

When I started Seed Staffing, it was easy to define our culture. It was what I lived, how I operated. Now that we are scaling and growing our team it was important to determine who we are and what we stand for as a group. Creating core values allowed us to foster a stronger and sustainable culture we can all get behind. It is never easy to define a group of diverse individuals, but there is usually always something, some group of ideals that made you all come together. If you do not identify it and embrace it, your team will run wild and have people moving in different directions creating their unspoken culture that seems to be counter productive.

Be very transparent core values on your website, in the office, and in your community. This transparency will act as your biggest employee value proposition for passive and active candidates alike. Every human being wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. In our search for commonality among other humans, we attract those that hold fundamental values that are the same. When someone joins your team, there should be something more than a large salary that makes them attracted to it. A friend once told me that lipstick and cleavage do not sustain a relationship. You need something more than what looks attractive on the outside.

We have very specific core values (that are listed below). You will notice they are all hashtags because we want our team members to have the ability to point out publicly when someone is walking the walk. Our team is very passionate and enthusiastic; they enjoy sharing others success and get excited when they #doepicshit.
#doepicshit: In our innovation we go big and over deliver. We are never satisfied with mediocre results, knowing that it can always be bigger, better, and faster!

#funatwork: You must love what you do to have fun at work. In order to have fun, you must always work smarter and work with people that also love what they do. We are passionate in our work and never settle for second best.

#nomoss: Don’t let moss grow underneath you! The driving force within change making you think differently about how you do business. Drive and embrace change or get run over by it!

#payitforward: We want to pay it forward by helping people even though it does not necessarily reflect directly with revenue.  Each engagement we drive value offering Thought Leadership, Career Advice, Community Involvement, or just a great cup of coffee and a friendly face!

#true2thecore: Truth is the foundation on which we have been built. Transparency in everything we do. No smoke and mirrors, you get what you see. We have structured our recruitment practice on honesty. Secrets do not help clients or candidates succeed in their career search.

What do you and your team stand for? We love to share, so please let me know your core values and how you recognize those that walk the walk!

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