Escaping a Culture of Fear

Let’s face it, any position that is numbers driven or sales oriented is commonly associated with feelings of pressure, stress and job uncertainty. Companies with lofty goals and high turnover are consistently using the method of driving their employees by fear to increase results. After years of watching employees leave or have their employment terminated a culture of unmotivated and resentful employees is created.

So what is the best way to motivate employees to achieve their goals and create a positive culture? After speaking with my team, here are some suggestions we came up with:

  • Encouraging employees to make mistakes, and reassuring them that if they do make a mistake there’s always a safety net. There is no mistake that can’t be undone.
  • Honesty is crucial. If something isn’t good, tell employees why. Give them possible solutions and offer constructive feedback.
  • There are always ups and downs and you have to be able to roll with the punches. The more you encourage your team, and celebrate their successes the better and stronger you’ll grow as a whole.
  • Giving employees the autonomy to get things done their own way without breaking company policies and rules is important. If you can’t trust your employee to get their job done outside of the office, why are they employed in your office in the first place?
  • When your employees make suggestions, let them know their voice is heard and turn that into a form of action.
  • Regularly check what other successful cultures look like and adopt those attributes. Never assume your company does things the best way, always be open to new ways and making things better

One of my favorite managers made such an impact on me because she didn’t delegate things to her team and I, but instead said, “let’s do this together” and would roll up her sleeves and get the job done as a part of the team. Leading by example and treating her team with respect and celebrating our success kept us going.

What are the big picture take aways here? Be honest and always treat your employees like the people that they are in and outside of work. Be open to change and feedback- there are always new best practices to pick up that will encourage your team.

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