Reintroducing the human element into hiring, so that you can love what you do again.

We know how difficult it can be to hire and select the right team for the job. Our experience is identifying not only a technical fit within your organization, but also a cultural fit. In our process we go beyond offering multiple resumes that have the buzzwords that the candidates want you to see. Have you ever been 5 minutes into an interview and realized what am I going to talk to this person about the remaining 55 minutes?

We have been there; Seed offers a hiring process that identifies A players. Stop sifting through resumes and start having meaningful interviews with candidates you are excited about. Each candidate gets dedicated time with our recruiters to understand exactly what they can bring to the table and if they have a passion for your business.

Client Testimonial

“I loved the tools Seed Staffing provided for performing an assessment of both the work environment, but also the personalities and work styles that would create a cohesive team.  Performing this work at the beginning of the process-helped match up candidates who would thrive in our work environment by complementing each other.” ~ Julie

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