Love What You Do

A Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership podcast with Jack Welch has sparked a blog post today.  As I listen to the wealth of knowledge, decades of experience that is being shared, I am inspired and a bit concerned.  Jack shared a statistic that around 65% of our workforce is actively disengaged from their employer.  Often in our […]

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Consider Perception via Text Based Communication

This day and age most people in the world are constantly communicating via a digital format, whether that’s sending texts, emails, blogging, etc.  Of course when shooting a quick text to a friend, it’s normal to use acronyms and skip using the proper punctuation, in the name of saving time. However, as we go down that […]

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Lipstick and mustaches, are your core values more than skin deep?

When I started Seed Staffing, it was easy to define our culture. It was what I lived, how I operated. Now that we are scaling and growing our team it was important to determine who we are and what we stand for as a group. Creating core values allowed us to foster a stronger and […]

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Passion Equals Success

I recently attended an alumni event at a local technical college location.  Following the keynote speaker, they allowed current students and graduates submit questions to a panel of professionals (many of which were former grads, working in their field of study).  One of the questions which was asked related to compensation, and implied that the high cost […]

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