Too many companies hire people for a job. We help people find a career.

Love what you do, reintroducing the human element in hiring.

We take the time to get to know our candidates and clients. Candidates are not products, our clients are not a dime a dozen. In each position we do a deep dive to discover what does success mean in this role. There are no quotas to meet here; we are focused on finding the right fit instead of wasting time with ratios to fill and submitting volumes of candidates. Plant your future, with Seed.

What are we about?

We direct talent to another level beyond just a resume, connecting our candidates to the technology and culture they can flourish in. Our focus is on multiple discipline recruitment in IT, Project Management, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, and other professional positions. We understand how important business is and never want to leave anyone hanging so we promise to answer any email or phone call within 24 hours of receiving it.

Where are we?

Based out of the historic waterwheel building in downtown Northville, Michigan we share an office space with the Social Media Company called Digital Roots and the Corporate Social Responsibility Certification Company called Verego.  If you are in the neighborhood drop us a line, we love to show off our Command Center in Henry Ford’s loft!

Giving Back

Part of our culture is giving back to the community.  Every three months we take three different community involvement initiatives and our team member’s vote on which one we can focus on that quarter.  In the community we focus on volunteering, fundraising, and sponsoring that non-profit or cause.

Seed Staffing

235 East Main Street | Suite 104
Northville, MI 48167

(248) 719-1196