5 Ways To Buck The Norm

Often I get recent college graduates or people soul-searching asking about how they should approach job searching. My answer has always been to focus on what you want to do rather than the type of job you can fill. Many times people get hung up on the corporate ladder or have no direction on how to jump into new a field or medium. If you want to change your stars, follow these steps then hit repeat.

  1. It does not happen overnight.
  2. You have to be diligent and do not stray from your goals and aspirations.
  3. Laser like focus on what you do next, with precision and data to support it.
  4. Write your dream career description down, then surround yourself with others that are doing it well.
  5. Creatively fail fast.

Jobs are a dime a dozen but careers are where you can make a dynamic impact in others lives. If we all just sat in jobs we would only have widgets and one way to make, sell, distribute, etc those widgets. Taking the risk to buck the norm is scary at first and you might need a road map. Where do you start?

  1. Remember the old saying-Rome was not built in a day. I hate it but that is because it is right. Take your time, learn, and read A LOT. If you get in a rush you will be in a ladder hung up in 5 years because you rushed to the top of a dead mountain. When you rush, the blinders go up and you see nothing but other’s definition of success. Take each opportunity as a learning experience and never EVER be too good to do anything. My first job in high school I cleaned a ditch out in my first week. Was it glamorous no, did I want to quit yes every minute. In that role I showed that I would do anything and was willing to put in hard work, which www.theappsolutions.com I had been promoted 3 times in the year that I worked there. Moral of the story-work hard and never be too good for anything because you never know what you will learn.
  2. Many people set goals and as soon as it gets hard or it does not happen in their preconceived timeline, they quit. If you stay on track and never give up on the end goal, you will succeed. Earlier this year I read the Event+Response=Outcome principle and too often outcomes are “I quit”. To buck the norm, your response has to be “YES, I can do this”. If you wake up every morning with a different goal you will meet none of them.

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